Safe-T-Punch™ Double 40mm


Our double-wide Safe-T-Punch™ is suitable for multiple glass types:

  • Single-Pane Glass ≤ 10mm
  • Double-Pane Glass with gaps up to 20mm 
  • Curved Tempered Glass
  • Other

Other information:

  • Independently Tested
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum machined components
  • -40degrees Celsius to +90 degrees operating range
  • Instruction decal included
  • Safety tag included
  • OEM or Retrofit

*Larger profile for heavy machinery applications or when high visibility is required
*Window film needed for all double-pane glass applications

In Stock

Product Specifications

Application: Construction / Marine
Body: Aluminum black anodized
Plunger: Aluminum red anodized
Spring: Stainless steel
Safety: Plastic break-away safety tag
Impact Tip: Tungsten alloy
Adhesive: 3m VHB 4936F
Size: 40mm x 45mm
Weight: 96g