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We are the distributor of the most reliable and effective break glass device on the market today.


Safe-T-Punch™ was invented by Ivan le Roux in response to the 1985 South African Wesdene Dam disaster. Tragically, 42 students lost their lives when the emergency exits failed to operate after a school bus veered off a dam wall, entered the water, and quickly sank. Ivan le Roux challenged himself to come up with an engineered solution for emergency escape. Safe-T-Punch™ is comprised of technology that has been carefully refined over a 30-year period. Independently type tested and produced in an ISO 9001 manufacturing facility, Safe-T-Punch™ is committed to producing a high-quality product that can be trusted to save lives. The device is now approved for use by numerous regulatory bodies in the transportation, marine and mobile equipment industries. Safe-T-Punch™ products can be seen in a variety of applications worldwide.


Punch Systems Inc.

In early 2014, Punch Systems Inc. determined that Safe-T-Punch™ could meet the demand for an alternate means of escape in the mobile equipment industry. Affordable and easily retrofitted, Safe-T-Punch™ was the answer the industry was looking for. Working with the Council of Construction Associations, Punch Systems Inc. began the approval process required to have the device authorized for use in Canada.

Live site testing took place in Langley, BC, as well as an independent evaluation by WorkSafeBC engineers. After observing the function of the device and analyzing the data, Safe-T-Punch™ was approved as a solution. WorkSafeBC authorized the installation of a purpose-built emergency glass breaking device, Safe-T-Punch™ to meet the requirements. See WorkSafeBC Reg 16:17 of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations for mobile equipment.

Punch Systems Inc. is the official Canadian distributor of the patented emergency break glass device known as Safe-T-Punch™.  Currently over 20,000 units are in use in Canada.

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