Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding Safe-T-Punch™.

How Does Safe-T-Punch™ Work?

Tempered glass breaks when the surface crust or compression layer is sufficiently penetrated. The energy required to break the tempered glass is contained within the piece of glass itself. During the tempering process, roughly 115 MPa of compression pressure is created during the rapid cooling of the glass surface. This means any thickness of thermally tempered glass needs to be punctured by only 10-20% of its nominal thickness for it to safely and reliably destroy itself. Safe-T-Punch™ is basically the trigger that penetrates the compression layer causing the glass to self-destruct.

What Types Of Glass Can Safe-T-Punch™ Be Installed On?

Safe-T-Punch™ must only be installed on tempered glass also known as toughened safety glass. DO NOT install Safe-T-Punch™ on laminated, acrylic, or polycarbonate (Plexiglass/Lexan) windows.

Where Should I Install Safe-T-Punch™?

Performance is best achieved by installing the device closer to the edge of the frame. Manufacturer recommendations state within 20cm of a secure perimeter of the glass. Device access should also be appropriate for left- and righthanded operation and free from any obstructions to hand strikes.
Before installing on mobile construction equipment, check that the intended placement of the device and decal does not hinder operator visibility or machine function.

Can I install Safe-T-Punch™ back-to-back?

Yes. Placing Safe-T-Punch™ directly opposing onto glass will not affect the performance of the device.

Is Safe-T-Punch suitable for exterior applications?

Yes. Safe-T-Punches™ is made from corrosive-resistant aluminum, stainless steel, and tungsten.

What Maintenance Is Required?

Daily: visual inspection of tag, device and decal

Annually: remove safety tag and check for free movement of the Safe-T-Punch™  then replace with a new safety tag.

(See Maintenance Instructions PDF)

How Do You Discourage Improper Use of Safe-T-Punch™?

Regular education and familiarity with the importance and use of the Safe-T-Punch™ ensures that the device will be used properly in the event of an emergency. We have had units in service in the UK, Europe, Canada, and South Africa for many years and there have been no reported incidents of misuse.

What Factors Could Affect The Overall Performance Of Safe-T-Punch™?

According to manufacturers recommendations, the performance of an installed Safe-T-Punch™ is dependent on the following:

  1. The Safe-T-Punch™ must be installed on tempered safety glass
  2. It must be fitted to a securely installed window as loose glass influences the effectiveness of the device
  3. Device access should be appropriate for left and right-handed operation and be well away from any obstructions to hand strikes
  4. Basic strength of the user needs to be equal to or greater than the single-handed ability of a 12-year-old female (≥ 3 joules)
  5. The user must be able to remove the safety tag

Do not install the device in the centre of an emergency window. The centre of the glass pane has the greatest amount of flex and will influence the ease by which the window will break. Best performance is achieved by fitting the device close to the secure edge of the glass, within 20cm of the frame is recommended.